Windjammer Cruise on the Mandalay

Passenger and Crew for the voyage of May 21st through June 1st, 2001


Passenger (and some crew) list (First names only) Annette & Joe, Anita & Rick, Amanda, Barbara, Bonnie & Chuck, Brenda & Mike, Carl, Claire & John, Connie & Craig, Darlene, Dawn & Mark, Della & Darrel, Duane & Seimone, Evelyn & Bob, Frank, Gwen & Jerry, Janet & Larry, Jeri & Dave, Joan & Tom, Joe, Kathy, Kathy & Tom, Kelly, Lana, Laurie & Gary, Larry, Linda & Pat, Lorraine & Mike, Mireille & Leon, Melissa & Dave, Patti & Bob, Rosario, Sandy & Phil, Sarah, Bernard, Shirley, Shirley & Carl, Stephanie & Sy, Sue & Jim Weston, Susan & Glenn, Tom


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