Anita's Place Advent Calendar

An Advent calendar is a special calendar used to count the days until Christmas.
The first known Advent Calendar which was made by handwork is from the year 1851. At the beginning of the 20th Gerhard Lang (born 1881 in Maulbronn, Germany -died in 1974) produced the first Advent Calendars with little doors to open.

Pass the tradition on to the next generation. Try my calendar yourself by finding and clicking the dates.

You can open any door through today's date. You cannot peek ahead.
A new page will be displayed for the next series of days.
Sorry, you can't see the advent calendar since your browser doesn't support Java

December 1st through 3rd calendar
December 4th through 6th calendar
December 7th through 10th calendar

Icalendar 1.0 Beta (C) Robert Gustavsson.

The application requires a browser that supports Java version 1.1.5 or better.

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